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Happiness is...

We all want it. 

Happiness refers to something uniquely personal. It's up to each individual to define that Happiness for oneself.

My counseling focuses on helping you to define what your Happiness means and discover the blocks that keep you from achieving it in your life. Whether those blocks are related to your self, family, relationships or work, I can help you begin your journey to finding your true and lasting Happiness. Your first step of that journey is just a phone call away!

Why focus on fears?

Fear is a natural part of life. Fear motivates you to protect yourselves and your loved ones. However, fear can also keep you from achieving your goals, including the goal of Happiness. When fear gets overwhelming, it can cause you to run and hide. People hide either by distracting themselves or by covering up their fears in various ways. We tell ourselves lies, self-medicate, over-plan our lives and lose ourselves in activities and relationships, all to escape the power and discomfort of the fear itself.

One of my goals for you is to help you face these fears and learn to live with them (and even use them to your advantage!) rather than to constantly fighting against them.  

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